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Mindfulness-Based Integrative Supervision

Mindfulness is the underpinning philosophy in my practice.  It is not necessary for supervisees to practice mindfulness but the work we do together will be looked at through this lens. Through the mindful, relational aspect of our work I help you to develop your own intuitive awareness to help develop and inform whatever form your work takes.

This contemplative approach to looking at supervision is a way of deepening your understanding of the transpersonal in the therapeutic relationship. By approaching supervision through contemplative enquiry into the material brought for live supervision we can explore in confidentiality the wide range of issues that can arise in your work. How, as practitioners the difficulties and distress can, at times impact and trigger our own process.  I am also aware of the joy our work can bring as well as the many practical and challenging issues.

This integrative way of working enables me to work with a wide range of health care professionals. As well as psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches and those in management it includes modalities that work primarily with the body. In my own practice as a psychotherapist I work with touch, the energetic and felt sense this can help in offering an insightful psychological perspective for practitioners working in these areas.