MY NEW PRACTICE is in KINGSBRIDGE, Devon - please call 01548 559140 for further details


There are times when we all experience a need for support and help with difficulties.... Psychotherapy facilitates changes that can help us to feel more at ease and in control of our lives.

• I offer a safe, supportive space for enabling personal change and development.

• In working within the model of Core Process Psychotherapy (CPP) I work with the felt sense and subtle energies which allow the possibility for deep and lasting healing to occur.

• CPP responds to the individual needs of clients with an integrated combination of Eastern Buddhist insight into how we live our lives and Western therapeutic approaches working with body mind and spirit.

Core Process Psychotherapy invites a deep enquiry into the nature of our suffering.

• With the intention of holding a compassionate, non-judgemental space I invite a deep enquiry into the nature of the clients suffering.

We can achieve greater confidence and freedom to choose how we wish to be by bringing an open awareness into the present moment.

• By recognising the sense of self in the present moment as the expression of all the patterns of past experiences I help to facilitate bringing an open, mindful awareness into the present moment, enabling the space for movement and possible change.